HNA Cloud

HNA Cloud:HNA Cloud is an important strategic layout for HNA Technology's A-share listed subsidiary, Tianhai Investment in the field of artificial intelligence. It focuses on ABC (AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing) and combines HNA Group's superior industry resources to build a 'four-flow' (people, logistics, funds, information) Smart Data Ecology, providing high value-added solutions and products to partners around the globe.

HNA Cloud is driven by industry, data and capital to create an open platform for resource sharing, value transfer and industrial re-cycling, reshaping the entire industry value chain and building a smart business ecosystem.

HNA Cloud Marketplace

HNA Cloud Marketplace:HNA Cloud Marketplace relies on Ingram Micro's Cloud Marketplace for best practices and being customer centric. It provides an upstream introduction of domestic and foreign high-quality cloud vendors and downstream links to high-quality cloud service providers to share cloud ecosystems; HNA Cloud Marketplace will provide end-to-end cloud service capabilities, through cloud resource convergence, joint cloud channels and value added cloud services to help Chinese enterprises achieve the ultimate goal of shifting to cloud.

IT supply chain and technology solutions

Ingram Micro is a global leader in ITsupply chain and technology solutions with an absolute market share (1700+suppliers, 200,000 customers) in the global and regional markets. With HNATechnology’s support, it will expand into the Chinese market.

supply chain and technology solutions
  • 科创合作
    Technology and Innovation Cooperation

    Technology and innovation cooperation relies on 12 state-level city groups, the Belt and Road Initiative’s strategic areas and other competitive cities or regions. It focuses on strategic emerging industries through the tech innovation funds, government-enterprise cooperation, industrial operation, opening up investment options, platform construction, industry imports, data operation, full cycle management and the implementation of Sino-foreign technology industry cooperation projects. These all seek to promote national strategic cities, regional economic development and industry core competitiveness  to form a technology industry capital with a closed-loop operation system.